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Listing options


Multiple ways to get targeted website traffic!
You can list your website in igaroo.com in several ways:

  • Keyword search listing
  • Phrase search listing
  • igaroo.com directory listing
  • "Catch All" listing
  • "Premium Listings"
  • "Featured Website Listings"


Keyword and Phrase search listing:
This is the "standard" method for getting your site listed in igaroo.com. You can get your website(s) listed under as many (relevant) keywords and phrases you like, and the bid ammount for each keyword/listing determines your listing's position (The highest bid gets the top position, the second highest bid gets the #2 position etc.)


The igaroo.com directory listing:
You can get your website listed in as many (relevant) categories and sub-categories you want. The higher your bid is, the better position you get in each category/sub-category.


The "Catch All" listing:
There will allways be keywords and phrases for which there are no bids. The "Catch All" listing will be displayed before the unbidded listings for these "unbidded" keywords and phrases. There is only ONE "Catch All" listing available - The highest bid will get it!


The "Premium Listings" and the "Featured Websites" listings:
These listings are the ones displayed on the left hand of all igaroo.com search and directory pages. Also, these listings are displayed on more than 80,000 affiliate websites - all with web marketing related content!

  • The "Premium Listings" displays the top 5 bidded listings in this category, complete with title/links and description.
  • The "Featured Websites" displays the top 10 bidded listings in this category, title/links only.


Multiple listings:
You can list your website under as many keywords, phrases, categories and sections as you like, as long as your listings are relevant to the keyword/phrase/category.

You can list as many websites you like - Your own sites, affiliate websites or any URL you want to promote.

To get the maximum traffic, we recommend that you list your site(s) under as many keywords and phrases you can think of, and under all relevant directory categories.

Note: Our "Catch All" listings, "Premium Listings" and "Featured Websites" listings are great traffic pullers! Don't forget to place your bids on these listing options!


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