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Get your website listed on www.igaroo.com!
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"Get massive targeted traffic to your website from as little as $0.01 per visitor or even for FREE!"

Dear Fellow Web Marketeer!

Get 100% targeted traffic!
Finally, we can introduce you to an effective, targeted and profitable source of hot leads for whatever you're promoting online! You can get 100,000's of eager-to-buy customers to your website for as little as $0.01 per visitor, or even for FREE!

With more than 100,000 listings of useful resources for anyone doing business online, and 80,000+ marketing related affiliate websites linking to us, igaroo.com is the web's biggest searchable "web marketing resource site"!

"It's the first search engine and directory dedicated to people doing business on the web!"

Now YOUR website or web business can be listed on the #1 spot for any relevant keyword, or in the top position of any of our directories! 

The most profitable traffic available!
Anyone doing business on the web knows that the quality of your website traffic determines how much money you make. Let's say you run a webshop specializing in cat food. If the only visitors you get are people looking for musclecar spareparts,  you won't make any money at all, no matter how much traffic you get!

The traffic you get from igaroo.com are all people who actively search for whatever keyword(s) or search phrase(s) you've listed your website under!

And since igaroo.com is a search engine/directory targeted to people who does marketing online, the traffic you get from us will all be:

  • Webmasters
  • Small Business Owners
  • Homeworkers
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • MLM'ers (Multi Level Marketing)
  • Affiliate Program Marketeers
  • "Netrepreneurs"
Now, what's so special about these people? Well, they all have some things in common, that makes them the very best visitors to your website if you want to make money online:
  • They are used to buying online
  • They WANT to make money (perfect for affiliate signups)
  • They (most often) have their own websites
  • They're looking for good products to help building their business
  • They WANT to visit your website to get what you offer!
Imagine how this stream of 100% targeted traffic can BOOST your earnings!

What websites should be listed at igaroo.com?
If you have a website with information of interest to anyone doing business online, you should be listed at igaroo.com

If you're promoting affiliate programs, online MLMs, your own web site, traffic generators, viral pages or anything similar of interest to our audience, igaroo.com can give you the traffic you need to make money!

How much does it cost?
Signing up for an igaroo.com advertising account is FREE. You can choose to buy advertising credits by credit card, or you can use our affiliate tools to earn FREE advertising credits.

If you choose to promote igaroo.com using our affiliate tools, you can earn huge commission checks (50% payout) in addition to advertising credits (50% of all clicked bidded links value)! (Read more here!)

The "pay per click" system
Studies show that allmost 50% of ALL website traffic originates from search engines. The fastest growing advertising method online these days is buying traffic from the "pay per click" search engines, such as igaroo.com.

Different from the "old fashioned" regular search engines that uses a complex set of rules to index your website, we use a totally fair "auction system" when displaying listings for the searched keyword or phrase.

To get your site listed higher than "the fifty-something'th" position in a regular search engine, you should either be very lucky or very skilled! It may take weeks before your listing appears, and you usually have no control over what keywords or phrases people must search for to find your website.

Our "auction system" gives you total control over your website listing(s) in igaroo.com!

The advertiser that places the highest bid for a keyword, search phrase or directory listing automatically gets the best listing. The advertiser with the second highest bid gets the #2 listing etc. The lower your bid is, the longer down your website will be listed. (The minimum bid is as low as $0.01!)

No cure - No pay!
The real beauty of this system is that you pay only PER VISITOR you get to your website! Let's take a look at an example:

If you place a bid for $0.01 for a certain keyword, phrase or directory listing, we deduct $0,01 from your advertising account only when someone actually visits your site!

That would be 1,000 visitors to your website for $10! Let's say you sell a product on your website: If you make just one sale per 100 visitors - and you make $20 per sale - you'll make $200 from your ($10) 1,000 visitors. That's an unbelievable 2000 percent return on your investment!

Other features:
You can list your site under whatever keyword, phrase or directory you find relevant. You can list your site under an unlimited number of keywords/phrases, and you can ofcourse list as many websites/pages as you want!

If you're promoting several affiliate programs or mlm's, just go ahead and list them all - under as many (relevant) keywords and phrases you can think of! You only pay for the actual traffic you get!

Our realtime statistics provide you with valuable information about your keywords preformance, so that you can easily see what keywords/phrases that actually makes you money!

Our EXCEL and TAB file upload feature makes it easy to register 100's of bids/keywords/URL's at a time!

To sum it up...
The igaroo.com web marketing resource center is the natural starting point for  100,000's of people looking for ways to make money on the internet, or to enhance their websites. By listing your website with us, you'll profit from these and more benefits:

  • FREE signup!
  • Highly targeted and profitable website traffic!
  • "Used to buy online" visitors!
  • Multiple URL listings!
  • Multiple keyword/phrase/directory listings!
  • Bid for "Premium Listings" or "Featured Website" listings!
  • "Catch all" listings for "unbidded" keywords!
  • EXCEL and TAB file upload!
  • Real time statistics!
  • Money- and traffic generating affiliate program!
  • Add "search box" and/or "pay per click" advertising to your site!
...if you've ever wanted to list your site in a search engine... NOW is the time and igaroo.com is the place! Sign up now!

Take Action NOW - Get 100,000's of visitors from just $0.01 each or for FREE!
By signing up for a FREE igaroo.com account right now, you can start getting profitable traffic right away! Once your account is setup, you can start placing your bids for the most attractive keywords! (1,000's of  very good keywords are still "unbidded" for - meaning that you can get top notch targeted and profitable traffic from $0.01 per visitor!)

You can choose to deposit cash into your advertising account to get those profitable visitors queing up at your website(s) right away, or you can use our affiliate tools to earn advertising credits. Either way: igaroo.com will send you the highest quality traffic available on the net - Sign Up Now:

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Best Regards
Team igaroo.com

The most popular keywords will reach high bids pretty fast! To get the maximum ammount of traffic at the best price, make sure you place bids for as many keywords you find relevant today! Sign Up Now:

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